Few Words About Us

Bible Adventure Club is a children's Bible club that teaches kids about God through the use of skits, music, Bible verse memorization, and catechism.​

What is Bible Adventure Club?

BAC online grew out of the Children’s Ministry at Lakeview Church in Zion, IL. The church had taken part in a well known Bible club for many years but, for various reasons they decided to go a different direction and switched curriculums. However, it was realized that the new materials were not as Bible-centered as the church wanted. The church began writing their own materials and Bible Adventure Club grew and changed through trial and error and necessity.

Creating Bible Adventure Club online came from a desire to show other churches that a Bible club can be fun without watering down the content of the Bible. We hope that this will encourage other churches to use the God-given abilities of the people they have to help train up the next generation in the truths of God’s word.
Bible Adventure Club Kids Entrance
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